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Welcome to paradise: at Pets In Paradise Ranch Resort we believe in taking a naturopathic approach to your dog’s health and wellness. The most fundamental aspect of our business model is that when it comes to playtime, your pet is happiest when they are in their natural habitat- the great outdoors.

Cage-free boarding and playtime in nature is what we view as part of an integrative health initiative, to nurture them both bodily and mentally. Our goal at Pets In Paradise is to cultivate an environment of peaceful play by carefully monitoring your dog’s personality and play habits and to support their mental health and confidence while doing so.

Cage-free boarding

After a full day of play, your dog gets to sleep in a comfortable, cage-free environment.

In addition to boarding our clients’ beloved pets in a safe and loving environment, Pets In Paradise can assist in achieving optimal health for your pet. Through knowledgeable use of Young Living Essential Oils we have found alternative means to treat a multitude of physical ailments ranging from digestive issues to insect prevention, as well as psychological issues such as stress and general anxiety. We are committed to better living through natural means, and we’re continuously delighted by the results.

Integrative health for dogs

Young Living essential oils are part of our overall commitment to your pet’s optimal health and wellness.

Pets in Paradise is located in beautiful Lake Hodges, Ca. just 10 minutes outside of Rancho Santa Fe. The resort has three play yards with over 8000 square feet of play area, and our professional staff  is always on hand to play ball, groom, hug, cuddle & watch your beloved pets as they thrive in the great outdoors.

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Welcome to paradise…

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